IDP Education is celebrating the 1st anniversary of launching the IELTS Assist Tools in the Middle East. To mark this special occasion, IDP has announced new offers for both new and repeating IELTS candidates. 

35% Discount on Assist Tools for New IDP IELTS Candidates

New IELTS candidates who book their test for the first time with IDP will receive a 35% discount on the purchase of one or more IELTS Assist Tools (Reading, Writing and Speaking).

To be eligible for this offer, the new candidates should:

  • Book their IELTS test with an IDP test center
  • Send their test center confirmation email to [email protected], stating which IELTS Assist Tools they would like to purchase.

They will then receive a special code offering 35% discount on each IELTS Assist Tool. 


Special Offer: 100% Discount on Assist Tools for Repeating IELTS Test Candidates

IELTS candidates who have previously taken their test with IDP can receive one IELTS Assist Tool (ReadingWriting or Speaking) for free.

To be eligible for this offer, repeating IELTS candidates should:

  • Book their next IELTS test with an IDP test center
  • Send their previous Test Report Form Number (located on the bottom right of the TRF) and their new test center confirmation email to  [email protected], stating which IELTS Assist Tool they would like to receive for free.

They will then receive a free code to access the preferred tool.

* Only candidates that have booked their test previously with IDP and registered to re-sit their test with IDP are entitled to this offer. 


IELTS Assist Tools Provide Expert Support for IELTS Candidates

IDP IELTS Assist tools are designed to connect candidates with IELTS experts. Candidates try tasks similar to those in the real IELTS test and receive a personalized report on how to enhance their Writing, Reading and Speaking skills to improve their IELTS test performance.

Find out more about each of the IELTS Assist tools here & get your code by booking a test at your local IDP test centre!