Prepare for your IELTS test
Join the free Countdown to IELTS session by IDP Dubai

Countdown to IELTS is a fast-paced 3-hour workshop taught by an IDP IELTS expert who will show you the most important strategies and skills for success in the IELTS test.

When & Where?

Date: 6 November, 2020
Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Location: Holiday Inn Express Jumeirah, Jumeirah Road, Al Hudaiba (opposite Dry Docks/ Union House).


Don’t miss this free Countdown to IELTS session if you need to:

  • understand what you’ll need to do in your IELTS test
  • learn how you’ll be scored
  • practice with sample materials
  • Review the study notes and take quizzes too!


Countdown to IELTS session is available only to candidates already registered to take the IELTS test with IDP IELTS test center. IDP IELTS maintains the right to refuse admission into Countdown to IELTS session for anyone who is not registered for an IELTS test with IDP IELTS test center.

For more information, contact IDP IELTS Dubai test centre.